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Date: [2016-11-01]
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Dear Parents,


This month, November, we will be exploring the concept of Integrity in our advisory program and curriculum. What is integrity and why is it important to teach?


Integrity is doing the right and moral thing even if one is watching and even when others are not doing. It is a concept deep rooted in Islamic and all moral values. It affects our decision-making from childhood to adulthood. Integrity is often a challenging attribute to get students to understand, as it goes beyond the basic concept of telling the truth. Integrity is not just about good character. More than that, it is about how you treat and value other people.


As our children are becoming more exposed to other cultures and the digital information age, integrity is so important for them to understand, grasp and embrace. We invite you to help us develop this core value.


Over the course of this month, as the family spends time together, please take the opportunity and allow your children to photograph, write about and share Moments of Integrity. We encourage you to participate as well. Taking the time with our children to reflect on these moments will prove most valuable when they are face will challenging decisions and peer pressure. At the very least, this exploration together will encourage family connectedness; improve discussions; and ultimately enhance student learning. As important, understanding academic integrity affects grades, learning, and college & career success.


Have a wonderful journey exploring Integrity with AMPS!


Warm regards,


Nadine Richards

Head of Schools


Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not. -- Oprah Winfrey

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