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  • Al Maaref Private School

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  • AMPS Sports Festival 2017

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  • Al Maaref Early Years Phase/ KG

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   PTC-Parent Teacher Conference  [Dear Parents, PTC-Parent Teacher Conference will be held on Nov 23, 2017. Kindly vote for the PTC timing.]    Mid Semester Exam Schedule and Material  [ Dear Parents and Students, please see the Mid Semester Exam Schedule and Material in latest news section or visit Learning section on school website.]    School Uniform  [Dear Parents,We would like to inform you that school uniforms are available at Evolve Uniform, with all types, and sizes including winter jacket]    

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Accreditation & Affiliations


Accreditation from AdvancED was achieved in 2012. Al Maaref has grown since that time to have a new building with a total of 1550 students. The strategic locations was carefully selected to serve all interested students in Dubai and Sharjah. Al Maaref graduates are eligible for admission into all universities, whether American, European or Arabic.

About Accreditation
Accreditation is the affirmation that a school provides quality education. It is also a means of showing confidence in the institutions performance.

Accreditation by AdvancED indicates that a school meets or exceeds established criteria within the profession for the assessment of institutional quality through a periodic process of self-study and peer review. An accredited school has the resources to achieve its stated purposes and provides evidence that its students are benefiting from the curricular and co-curricular program offered at the school. This means that AdvancED accreditation attests to substantial compliance with established qualitative standards, integrity in statements to the public describing the institutions program, institutional commitment to improvement, and sufficiency of institutional resources. AdvancED Accreditation means meeting high level, challenging standards, which are designed specifically by and for American / International Schools.


AdvancEd College Board Positive Education Schools Association Common Core State Standards Initiative

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Al Maaref Private School

Ensure that you student/s are register for 2015-16 year
Kindly ensure that you student/s are register for 2015-16 year to avoid disappointment more

Enrolments for KG1 - Grade 9
Enrolments for KG1 - Grade 9, will open on more

IELTS training for Grades 11 and 12
IELTS training for Grades 11 and 12 will start on 20/04/2015 more