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  • Al Maaref Private School

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  • AMPS Sports Festival 2017

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  • Al Maaref Early Years Phase/ KG

  • Al Maaref Early Years Phase/ KG

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   Semester 1 Final Exam Schedule 2018  [.Dear All ,Please find the Semester Final Exam Schedule 2018 and Material under News section ]    Elementary Wake up Shake up Activity  [ Dear All, kindly visit our gallery to see the photos.]    School Uniform  [Dear Parents,We would like to inform you that school uniforms are available at Evolve Uniform, with all types, and sizes including winter jacket]    

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Welcome to FEH - Al Maaref Private School (AMPS), a school deeply rooted in tradition and committed to the mission of nurturing and inspiring each student to develop his or her talents and to become a passionate learner prepared to be active global citizens.

As you learn about Al Maaref (AMPS), you will begin to develop an understanding of what is unique about our school. AMPS is an international private school entrenched in Islamic culture combined with the excellence of a rigorous American curriculum school. Our recent self-evaluations and reflections have enabled us to refocus and enhance our quality of education and student life. Whether you are a family seeking a school in Dubai that deeply values cultural identity and interculturalism, home-school partnership or an educator seeking opportunities that offers a growth mindset learning environment, you are invited to learn more about what makes AMPS a special place to learn.

The Al Maaref Private School, located in Al Qusais, was has been in operations for more than two decades. From its conception to date, the Al Maaref learning community is committed to the mission and core values – Respect, Compassion, Happiness, Resiliency, Tolerance and Responsibility – these values serve as a foundation for the learning experiences that prepare students to successfully navigate their future. With over 20 years of service to children, AMPS continuously aims to improve the quality of learning experience provided to over 1,700 KG - Grade 12 students.

Students at AMPS are now experiencing an American curriculum that embraces STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) education. We are working collaboratively to build students’ critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills.

We follow USA-New York State Standards for all subjects, including the NY Common Core for Mathematics and English. We have also begun the journey of enhancing our curriculum internationally with best practice research through NGSS and Global Scholar international standards. These standards provide our students with a rigorous framework that prepares them for not just school but life (college and career readiness).

Our early years program has begun a transition from traditional to best practices that promote more creativity and independent learners. Young children are guided to acquire social and academic skills through stories, songs, imagination and manipulatives. In upper primary through high school years, students are assessed using the Measure of Academic Progress Test (MAP). MAP assessment provides teachers real-time data as to the individual progress each student is making in reading, math and science. Grades 11 and 12 are exposed to Naviance and other experiences that prepare them with the skills needed to successfully enter a university, a pre-professional program or the world of work. All graduates will earn a U.S. Diploma with accreditation.

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Common Core Math Standards

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Al Maaref Private School

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