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   Semester 1 Final Exam Schedule 2018  [.Dear All ,Please find the Semester Final Exam Schedule 2018 and Material under News section ]    Elementary Wake up Shake up Activity  [ Dear All, kindly visit our gallery to see the photos.]    School Uniform  [Dear Parents,We would like to inform you that school uniforms are available at Evolve Uniform, with all types, and sizes including winter jacket]    

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KHDA to Parents

Greetings from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA),

KHDA are running a work experience program and Nada Salha thought this would be a great opportunity for your students. The program is called ‘ExperienceWork@KHDA’ and it is a one-week work experience journey for high school students aged between 14 and 17 who have an enquiring mind, have lots of crazy ideas, and like to ask lots of questions! During the work experience week we ask students to spend some time talking to the KHDA team, asking questions, doing research, brainstorming, getting involved in different activities at KHDA and generally coming up with lots of ideas and solutions for different interesting projects. At the end of the week, we ask the students to present what they found from their research project in front of the Dr. Abdulla, other KHDA team members and their schools Principals. We also encourage the Students to present their findings in the most creative and innovative way.

We ask the students to apply for the program using the ‘KHDA Connect App’, and apply under the category of ‘ExperienceWork@KHDA’ or ‘Student work experience’ and then answer simple questions using a selfie video, voice recording or written answers (we always encourage our applicants to be very creative in their response).

We were hoping you can nominate some students from your school who may be interested in the program and are able to join us next week, or the following week!

Thank you.

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Al Maaref Private School

Ensure that you student/s are register for 2015-16 year
Kindly ensure that you student/s are register for 2015-16 year to avoid disappointment more

Enrolments for KG1 - Grade 9
Enrolments for KG1 - Grade 9, will open on more

IELTS training for Grades 11 and 12
IELTS training for Grades 11 and 12 will start on 20/04/2015 more